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Youth Equestrian Program - After School Sessions

SOOFA Ranch's Youth Equestrian Program is a charitable organization that provides young people with much more than just riding lessons; it teaches them valuable life lessons with the help of horses. Riders between the ages of 10 and 17 can participate in our exciting Youth Equestrian Program, which is a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of horses and equine activities. Young riders are given a solid grounding in all facets of horsemanship, horse care, and general life skills while learning to ride safely and proficiently.

Our mission is to help each and every one of our students develop healthy habits and positive mindsets that will serve them well throughout their lives. Activities involving horses have been shown to be an effective means of instilling a strong sense of responsibility as well as a healthy respect for oneself and others. On the ranch, we use methods that promote strong verbal and nonverbal communication. Students gain a richer comprehension of group dynamics, which aids in the development of interpersonal skills, self-esteem, and moral fiber. As a result, they acquire lifelong assets such as the capacity to form and maintain positive relationships with others, the ability to effectively lead others, and a solid foundation of self-confidence and esteem.

The ability to remain seated while riding is only one aspect of the riding art. We instruct our riders in the nuanced body language that will serve as the basis of their relationship with their horse.

Young riders are taught by our most experienced instructor how to maintain a healthy center of gravity while riding. Each lesson builds on the last, so that eventually, a balanced seat, quiet hands, and precise, subtle use of the legs are reflexes. In order to achieve mutual understanding between horse and rider, novice riders learn that these aids must be used consistently and with care. Our riders learn to change their seating position and aids as they progress from the walk to the trot and then the canter. After each lesson, the student is reminded of these tenets and encouraged to think about how they can apply them beyond the saddle. This equips them with the tools necessary to put into practice important life skills.


Days of Program
Tuesday - Thursday
Optional Saturday Volunteering

Sessions Time
Program runs from September - May during the school year.
Sessions are broken up into 6 week sessions.

Time of operation
3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Cost of the program
$125 a week

Additional investments
Program t-shirt - $25 per shirt
Jeans to wear
Riding Boots - $55-$75 depending on size
Riding Helmet - $35-$75 (I can order them in bulk for a discount price)
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